W.H.O. Admits COVID-19 Asymptomatic Transmission is 'Very Rare'
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W.H.O. – COVID-19 Asymptomatic Transmission is “Very Rare”

As if we needed another reason not to wear a mask, the head of the World Health Organization’s emerging diseases and zoonotic1 diseases unit – Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove – recently admitted that COVID-19 asymptomatic transmission is “very rare.” They have not published any data so it’s not entirely clear what “very rare” actually means but, considering the source, it must be virtually non-existent. After all, the only study (so far) on COVID-19 asymptomatic transmission showed zero risk.

Here’s the relevant quote from the good doctor, although the entire video is worth a watch.

“We have reports from countries who are doing very detailed contact tracing they’re
following asymptomatic cases, they’re following contacts and they’re not finding
secondary transmission…it’s very rare”

Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, WHO’s Technical Lead for COVID-19

See video below:

  1. diseases which can be transmitted from animal to humans []